What’s An Old Ford Truck Worth?

By Steve Stillwell   I received a message at work this past week from an Arizona F-100 truck enthusiast who is going through some lifestyle changes and had decided to put his pickup up for sale. It can happen. One of the toughest parts of selling an old friend is determining a price. After all, […]

Pacing yourself

Bodywork can be exhausting and can feel like it will never end. But you have to continue to stay on target and take your time, its all in the preparation. Once you shoot paint you will see you shortcuts, so take your time. Give yourself breaks and make small accomplishments before moving to the next […]

Whats Going On Here

With a scheduled launch of January 1st, I will be tapping into my decades of experience while documenting the fabrication and restoration of custom cars, trucks and hot rods. Having served enthusiasts as editor of StreetChopper, Truckin’, Classic Trucks, StreetTrucks, Trucks, Mini-Truckin’ and cycle books such as StreetChopper and Hot Bike, I literally have wrenched […]