Ed’s F100 @edsf100.com

It’s been sometime since starting this project and the rear fenders were the focus of the project. Like most projects things change and ideas develop and soon  a year and something goes by! Well a year and 6 months was the official time and that’s mostly long weekends and long nights in the garage. I […]

56 Panel Daily Driver

Rich Miller got a sweet deal on this 56 panel. A California panel at was purchased from a hot rodder in Sunset Beach Ca. This page will document this build done by Pro Design with Rich right there each day working on his Panel. As of February 2015 the body is getting ready for paint. […]

Pacing yourself

Bodywork can be exhausting and can feel like it will never end. But you have to continue to stay on target and take your time, its all in the preparation. Once you shoot paint you will see you shortcuts, so take your time. Give yourself breaks and make small accomplishments before moving to the next […]