Pickups Limited Annual Safety inspection

Each year our trucks go through a 70 point inspected as part of our club requirements and keeping in good standings. But for the most part it gives the members a chance to view the trucks from a different side, a side that gets lots of attention during the build process and gets covered up with all the metal.  Here’s a rare look at “Bart” Steve Stillwell’s truck.


The Tuff Skin Process

We prep your truck by completely masking off all painted surfaces outside the bed area, thus eliminating over spray issues. We scuff the truck bed surface with a 36 grit sanding disk to create an abraded surface for ultimate bonding of our polyurethane material to the truck bed. The scuffed surface of the truck bed is then blown clean with dry air and then wiped down with acetone eliminating the possibility of moisture, grease, oil or dust particle contamination being left in the bed prior to application.

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