Ed’s F100 @edsf100.com

It’s been sometime since starting this project and the rear fenders were the focus of the project. Like most projects things change and ideas develop and soon  a year and something goes by!

Well a year and 6 months was the official time and that’s mostly long weekends and long nights in the garage. I got to say it felt pretty good to get her back together and drive it down the street


My motivation and goal was to drive to the 2015  http://www.f100westernnationals.com  F100 Western Nationals in Anaheim CA. If you never have been it’s a great show to see nothing but pre 79 Ford trucks.

As I said earlier it all started with widening the rear fenders 3″. Then the mustang 20 gallon tank between the frame rails, smooth out all the lines, badges off, rounded the door corners, dip rail off, took off all controls from dash and mounted under dash, interior, door latches, tilted the bed, and painted the truck copper with a copper pearl!  Oh, almost forgot after paint your not done by a long shot. Now you reassemble and the color sanding starts. Here are a few pics of the project. You can also check out my blog http://www.edsf100.com for more details.











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