Whats Going On Here

With a scheduled launch of January 1st, I will be tapping into my decades of experience while documenting the fabrication and restoration of custom cars, trucks and hot rods. Having served enthusiasts as editor of StreetChopper, Truckin’, Classic Trucks, StreetTrucks, Trucks, Mini-Truckin’ and cycle books such as StreetChopper and Hot Bike, I literally have wrenched on, photographed and created articles on about every part between the bumpers and spokes. Through the years I have been lucky enough to rub flesh with the industry’s finest fabricators, innovators, shop owners and legends.

Magazine techniques that served me well through the years will now be presented to you through the latest forms of technology from the worldwide web to live broadcasts and video along with written articles and interviews with builders and enthusiasts who develop cutting edge innovations.

You will be playing a very important role as I take questions from readers and use them to develop articles or tech videos to assist readers in the fabrication of their rides. I will be tapping into the contact list of top builders and industry legends to fulfill your needs. Check back as we develop and grow this site. SS


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