Curved rear bed post

You can buy these or make them, I figured I’d make mine.   Mid Fifty’s  has been my source for my parts and they have these that curve into the bed or like I made to match my roll pan. I grabbed some cardboard to make a template and 16 gauge steel and had the these make in about a hour. I spot welded from the inside and as I moved a long the curve I would weld. I butt welded to the bed post once I got those to bare metal. Added some fiberglass filler and worked the areas until I had a nice and smooth lines. 2k epoxy primer applied next step block/sand then shoot Hi-Build primer sand with 600 wet before paint.

IMG_20150101_203131048[1]   IMG_20150101_203148960[1]IMG_20150101_202934921[1]wpid-wp-1423032605500.jpeg



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