My first car was a truck, a 1954 F100 back in 1973ish. My Dad was the second owner and paid $600 bucks. The color was turquoise body with a white roof. It had the round radio, the spare tire on the drivers side with a straight 6 and  6 volt positive ground. He drove it to work and we hauled all kinds of stuff with it. Sitting in the bed at the trail gate was routine. I drove it before I had my license because that’s the way it was. it was mine before it was official. Long story short. Before leaving for the Army I I traded that truck for a 65 Chevy and it wasn’t until 2004 I picked up my current truck. A 1956 F100 already running and pretty. So I drove it for 10 years before taking it apart to redo her. It all started with widening my rear fenders and the rest will be documented here. One step at a time. It might not be in order but it will have some good pics and info if you are interested in doing something to your truck. One thing for sure it’s the way i wanted it and different then others which is all that matters. Enjoy Ed.





Things I have done

(I will add hyperlinks to images please stand by)

Done – Widen 3″ rear fender. (“Jimmy the fender bender” from SG PUL Chapter did these, I did the bodywork)

Done – Mustang 20 gallon gas tank into rear frame rails.

Done – Smoothed dash controls

Currently finishing these – Smoothed all body lines

Done – Taken out fresh air vent

Done  – Taken off badges

Done – Smoothed tail gate

Done – Curved rear bed post

Done – Rear roll pan

After paint LED lights rear and front turn signals

After paint but mounts are in place on floor Chrome tilt column

After paint Changed bench seat and interior (Items are from Jeff Hornsby’s 56)

Done  – Tilted rear bed

Done – Shaved drip rails

After paint – Lincoln tail lights in rear fenders

Paint (Body Canyon Dusk Copper Metallic ) Dash and interior Shoreline Beige 1301





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