Pat Ford Goes Bionic

By Steve Stillwell

Actually, he is recovering from knee joint replacement.

Tour 412

The whole world of F-100 truckin’ owes Pat Ford big time for his commitment to his life-long commitment to the restoration, customization  and overall popularity of the F-1 and F-100 trucks. What began as a group of fellow Ford truck friends trekking into the Smokie Mountains for a weekend of classic truck fun at Chimney Rock, NC decades ago soon grew into the world’s largest gathering of classic Ford trucks. His family stood at the helm of the F-100 Supernationals for more than three decades.
Pat Ford now travels the nation introducing thousands of Ford car and truck enthusiasts to the thousands of OEM stock, reproduction and re-manufactured products available from Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions. “I am the luckiest man alive to have a job where I get to travel the nation from show to show—and get paid to do it,” stated Pat. Driving thousands of miles during the past few years, walking the dozens of show grounds from end to end and climbing in and out of his trailer loaded five feet high with Carpenter catalogs took its toll, and Pat opted to have surgery to replace a worn out knee.

Pat is on the mend, however, there were complications during surgery and the lower leg bone actually split during the installation of the metal knee joint. Ford barely got to rest from his first visit to the operating room, when he was whisked back for a second surgery the same day! He is able to get around with a walker and has a positive attitude to be back on his feet by this summer.

Pat intends to deliver the Dan Carpenter truck bed and major raffle prizes donated by Dan Carpenter and Dennis Carpenter to this year’s Ford F-100 Western Nationals. And, he is scheduled to be a vendor at the annual Father’s Day Roadster Show at the Pomona Fairgrounds. And Pat will be around the week before the show. Unfortunately, his boss, Dennis Carpenter has a mission that conflicts with our Western Nationals weekend, and he will  be back on the road before the show.

He promises to return in 2014 and even reserved the same space. I am sure you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery from his knee surgery, his positive attitude that he will be on the road and attending the Pomona show and his commitment to deliver our grand prize for this year’s truck show.

Personally, I would trade that bed for the opportunity to hang out with one of my best friends for our special classic Ford truck weekend, but duty calls. Let’s try to make it out to this year’s LA Roadster’s Father’s Day Show and give a big welcome to Pat Ford. It will be good to see him!

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